Seether first visited El Paso back around 2006 to (try to) play the KLAQ BBQ.

It was a long day for Seether. They had super early flights in and found El Paso at it's hot, muggy, monsoon season best. Morning rains made load in and sound check hot, sweaty, miserable ordeals and the back stage area was one big mud pit. Everyone was slipping and sliding around and I expected a full load of bitching and moaning from the band and crew about things. Never happened though! Things could be better sure but, they could also be worse right? The whole Seether bunch were the coolest people ever.

About 9:00pm, they hit the stage like beasts and were killin' it when the rain, that had threatened all day, finally let go. In torrents. Seether never eased up, plowing right through and the crowd happily rode it out with them. We joked backstage that our only worry at that point was someone drowning.

Mother nature doesn't like being ignored though and that's when the lightning started. Huge bolts, near a huge metal structure in a driving rain. It got so close that band and crowd were in danger so, reluctantly, we stopped it. After all the blood, sweat and tears, 4 songs were all we got. That sucked.

Friday, June 17th...about a decade later...they're coming back to rock the El Paso Downtown Street Festival! Tickets are available at ticketmaster outlets, and are cheaper in advance so, get yours now. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can set up a meeting with the lightning peeps.

I'm not going through that again.