So, what are the odds we get to see Gravity this year performed by Maria and Jacoby?

First of all, no one has even brought this up yet. Officially. But, how freakin' epic would that be?? The Papa Roach song "Gravity" featured a special guest star, Maria Brink from In This Moment. June 23rd, the El Paso Downtown Street Festival will feature both those bands on the same night so, I'm just sayin'.......

The song was intended by Jacoby Shaddix as a message to couples having trouble to stick together and save their relationship and, he once told Billboard, the inspiration for the song was his wife:

"'Gravity' is my testament to show other couples who may be going through a damaged relationship that they really can get through it." "My wife is my gravity…straight up."

Maria and Jacoby will be hanging out together practically all night so, this almost HAS to happen!!  I'm not exactly sure how to pull it off but, I'll try anything. A petition, public voting, bribery ... any other ideas?