Through Fire have canceled their StreetFest performance.  Here's why.

Through Fire was playing the Downtown Street Festival October 6th. Jonathan Davis of Korn and Dead Girls Academy are still on but, TF had to cancel. They wrote this to all of us:

Dear Fans, friends, and family of El Paso, TX. We were looking forward to rocking with you and our Sumerian Records label mate Jonathan Davis at Street Fest 2018 on October 6th! However, we didn't find out until after committing to the show that it falls on the same day as a mandatory marriage preparation class that my fiancee and I are required to take in order to get married through our church. This class only happens 3 times a year and it's is the last one available. I wish more than anything that it didn't fall on the same day as the show so we could do both, but my future wife and I can't meet our goals for this year if we fail to attend. So unfortunately, we won't be able to play Street Fest 2018.

Thank you so so much for the support and understanding. We promise to make it up to you as soon as possible! We also want to thank KLAQ and the whole the StreetFest team. Everyone has been so unbelievably helpful and kind in figuring all this out. One more huge thanks goes out to our label mates September Mourning for stepping in for us to rock your world! P.S. We're hard at work on new music, we can't wait everyone to hear it!


We Love you El Paso!



Major bummer but, congrats to Grant and his fiance. Through Fire and I have gotten to be friends over the years so, I know first hand how important their families are to them.  I was super excited to see them play and to hang out again but, they are "those guys". Props to them for that and congrats to Grant and his fiance.
On to brighter, concert news! Two bands are stepping up for us that day: the aforementioned September Mourning and former Sick Puppies frontman "Shim".  He'll be playing his new songs as well as classic Sick Puppies material like "You're Going Down", "Odd One" "Riptide" and more!
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