I've been in radio now for 17 years, and I had two big goals when I first got into radio. You'll definitely be able to tell where my head was at when I first started:

  1. Meet Korn
  2. Meet Method Man

Those were seriously my two goals. Well, the Method Man one hasn't happened yet, but I have met Korn a couple of times. In fact, Jonathan Davis was first my big time interview back in 2004. I was working mid-days for KNRQ in Eugene, and Korn was coming to Salem (just north of Eugene) on November 13th with Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin.

The first words out of my mouth to Jonathan Davis? "Holy $#!t!" I haven't been able to find that interview, but I know I have it somewhere.

Fast forward to the concert in Salem and I'm the one running the meet and greets for the bands. After doing the meet and greet with Chevelle, I'm wandering around backstage, and I see Jonathan Davis eating his dinner. It was spaghetti. And I almost, ALMOST, went and grabbed myself a plate and sat down. Let's just say, after that night, my goal changed to "eat spaghetti with Jonathan Davis."