Dennis DeYoung and the Music of Styx, Mark Farner’s American Band, and Jefferson Starship.

There’s been a lot of online eye-rolls and side-eye cast at night 1 of this year’s El Paso Downtown Street Festival lineup. Now I must admit, some of the comments have been funny, albeit scathing. Like the one that asked rhetorically if “there will be a senior citizens discount for the majority of the audience attending?”

A humorous reference to the age of the classic rock artists appearing the first night of the festival and the music fans they appeal to most.

Yes, Dennis DeYoung is a septuagenarian. But make no mistake, the guy can still rock.

From the concert reviews I've read, the people I’ve spoken with who went to his performance in Las Cruces this past July, and the videos I’ve seen, even at 71 Dennis can still hit every note like a boss. And the musicianship of the band he's put together more than holds up their end.

No, this will not be a Styx concert. But only in name.

Music fans tend to link the identity of a band to its primary lead singer or songwriter. DeYoung was both. He wrote and sang almost all of the band’s best-known radio hits -- 7 of the band's 8 Billboard Top 10 singles, in fact.

"Lady," "Come Sail Away," "Babe," “The Grand Illusion," “The Best of Times,” and even the cheesy but fun “Mr. Roboto,” that was all him.

Dennis DeYoung & the Music of Styx showcases all the band’s biggest hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. From the setlists I’ve seen online, he’ll be performing all those and many other Styx classics, including harder rocking deep cuts like “Suite Madame Blue” and “Lorelei”.

So, no, Dennis DeYoung & the Music of Styx is not going to be a cover band with an aging crooner, as some have suggested.  It's the nostalgic warm hug you didn’t know you needed.