It's finally Streetfest week! This Friday you can catch Neon Trees and Seether on the Budweiser made in America Stage and on Saturday it's Collective Soul and the Goo Goo Dolls! What should you take to be prepared for the fun weekend ahead? Here is your survival guide.


  • 1

    Comfy Shoes

    There is a lot of walking involved during streetfest because there is so much to see. From the local bands on 6 different stages to the car show with over 200 vehicles. You will need some comfy shoes and from prior experience I would opt out for some comfy closed toed shoes. With that mane people around it's smart to protect your toes from being stomped, dirty water on the street, dropped food and such.

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    Either you take a bottle with you or slather it on before you head out. The sun doesn't go down until later in the evening now and more than likely it will be warm out so make sure you protect that skin!

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    Cash is so much easier to have and buy all your food and drinks at streetfest. Don't carry too much as there are ATM's around but at least walk in with a $20 to get started!

  • 4

    Cell Phone Portable Charger

    We do have some charging stations on hand at the festival, but it is always nice to have your own so you're not connected to a wall. I mean you want a full charge to get those videos and pics of your favorite bands performing!

  • 5

    A DD

    We all want you to have as much fun as possible at this year's Downtown Streetfest, but make sure to make it home safely as well and drink responsibly! If you find yourself drinking and need a driver please call an El Paso Taxi or an Uber driver! We want to see you at next year's Streetfest!