At least two of our Street Fest bands this year have members with kids who are happily taking up the "family business"!

Alice Cooper has played/worked with pretty much everybody, including actors like Vincent Price, Johnny Depp and the Muppets. His favorite co-stars though, I would assume, are his wife and daughter. Alice met his wife, Sheryl, while she was performing as one of his dancers. Their daughter, Calico, has since taken over Mom's role as Alice's choreographer and perennial victim/torturer.

Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree is a busy guy and his chores include guiding his son, Nigel Dupree, along the rock path. Nigel has released 2 albums since originally forming his band in 2004.

A couple of past Street Fest acts have had famous Dad's too. The Wallflowers performed at the 2014 Downtown Street Festival. Wallflowers frontman Jakob Dylan is, of course, the son of 60's rock/folk legend Bob Dylan.

In 2009, another famous son appeared at the El Paso Downtown Street Festival with the band Over The Rainbow. That band featured Jurgen Blackmore on guitar, son of Rainbow/Deep Purple founding member Ritchie Blackmore.

Finally, Papa Roach don't have any kids actually "working" now but, singer Jacoby Shaddix got the inspiration for the band s "Still Swingin" video from his (then) 7 year old son. "Consultant" counts as being in the business, right??