StreetFest 2016 is this weekend and it is the biggest street party of the year. Food, fun, music, fireworks, and tons of people all taking to the streets of downtown El Paso for two days. Everyone should see it and be a part of the city's best party of the year, or should they?

Let's say you have kiddos and you want to hang at StreetFest. Should you bring the beasties, or should you line up a babysitter?

Here are a couple of things that might make you think twice about bringing the little monsters to StreetFest.

  • courtesy: KISS FM
    courtesy: KISS FM

    Tons of people will be there

    As you can see from this picture, this is a big event. Kids are little and strollers aren't tanks, and all those people aren't necessarily worrying about your little tykes being underfoot. There are also a lot of adult beverages being consumed, which leads us to number two on this list.

  • courtesy: Dangubic
    courtesy: Dangubic

    There are a lot of adult beverages being consumed

    StreetFest is well known for its music and food, and what goes great with music and food?  Beer!  Lots and lots of beer.  People drinking lots of beer do things you might not want your kids to see.  And if you are planning on drinking a lot of beer, leave the little ones with their abuelita and make sure you either get a hotel room or a designated driver.

  • courtesy: Jorge Salgado via StreetFest Facebook
    courtesy: Jorge Salgado via StreetFest Facebook

    StreetFest + Music = Really Loud

    I don't word math problem well, as you can see, but you get the point.  The bands who play StreetFest are really, really loud, and for those of us whose ears are used to it, there is no problem with the decibel level.  Youngsters with tender ears, however, will be blown away by the volume coming at them.  Noise cancelling earphones should be in your diaper bag, or better yet, let the kiddos spend the night watching the Disney channel instead.

  • courtesy: mynoemy1
    courtesy: mynoemy1

    Baby on board?

    Up until now, we've been talking about babies on the outside, but what about babies who haven't made their debut?  I've seen pregnant women at StreetFest, but all the above apply to them as well.  Lots of people who have been drinking jockeying for position to see the really loud bands pose a problem for a woman whose belly gets somewhere ten seconds before the rest of her.  It's a tough place to not get bumped into.

    StreetFest is a blast and we love the crowds and fun and music, but we want to make sure you have the best time you can, so we just want to give you a heads up about kids and pregnant women before you head out this weekend.