I don’t even know where to start on why I love and admire Shimon “Shim” Moore. I am extremely excited for Shim to come back to El Paso and catch the whole show this time!

Last time he performed a private acoustic show I had to take care of some business that made me run late. When I finally arrived I love how he decided to call me out on it in front of everyone. Shim had me blushing red for the fact that he was conversing with me…even though it was about my tardiness. I am so stoked to see Shim come back to El Paso and hear his set from beginning to end! So thankful Shim decided to stop with the excuses and finally do his thing solo. He has magnificent vocal chords and sure can write some powerful lyrics. Not only that, he does put on quite the show! I am stunned about the changes he made being solo like working with his right hand man or left… Lil Shim the sock puppet! A few months ago he released his latest single “Hallelujah” which features Lil Shim. I love that Shim decided to still continue with his music career after departing from the Sick Puppies. I admired his positive outlook on what it’s like to start all over and begin a new chapter. He is living out one of his favorite lyrics he truly believes in. 'Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.' He isn’t one to shy away from playing a couple Sick Puppies songs as he has mentioned the last time he was in El Paso. I really hope he can play “There’s No Going Back” if he decides to sing some songs from his former band. I can’t wait to hear him play some songs from his new self-titled album SHIM which is set to be released September 14!

I am really excited to see Shim come back to El Paso and perform more than a few songs at our Downtown Street Festival!