With the excitement of Alice Cooper bringing his theatrical show to this years El Paso Downtown Street Festival, I found it only fitting to share with you all the one time I met the man himself!

The year was 2007 and I was living in Houston with not much in my life really opening any doors to something promising, and then it happened! While working for a hair salon and restocking the shelves I just happened to look up. Walking towards my direction was what looked like a little old lady walking with a heavily tattooed young woman.

I remember thinking that looks like Alice Cooper! No way! Yes, way! I then watched Mr. Cooper go across the way into a record store (remember those?). So obviously I followed and watched him search through the bin with his name on it. I walked up to the master of theatrical rock and said, "Alice Cooper?" He turned towards me stuck out his hand and said, "that's me!" I expressed that I was a fan and he asked if I was going to the show. I told him I didn't have a car and he said, "well if I put you on the guest list will you go?" How could I say no. I never did make it, but the memory of that brief moment will live with me forever!

I know he won't remember our short exchange but I know for sure I won't miss this go round! Neither should you, catch Alice Cooper June 24, at the 2017 El Paso Downtown Street Festival, see you there!