Seriously, who hasn't been?  Alice Cooper rocks the El Paso Downtown Street Festival June 24th, and his band ... as usual ... is killer!

Alice Cooper has been at it since the late 60's however, the original Alice Cooper band splintered in the mid - 70's. While the surviving members get along, and occasionally even perform together, Alice has never looked back band-wise. He's written, recorded and/or toured with some of the biggest names in rock behind him.

Peeps like: Pete Freezin' (Friesen), Al Pitrelli, Chris Cornell, Kane Roberts, Kip Winger, Teddy Zig Zag, Reb Beach, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Orianthi, Rob Zombie,  Damon Johnson, Eric Singer, Nita Strauss and more. Seriously, the list goes freakin' on and on and on. (If I start running "family trees" off those people, this blog will be hundreds of chapters long. Al Pitrelli's history alone is enough for a book.)

So, who's in the band for our show?  Expect to see this lineup at Streetfest.