The El Paso Downtown Street Festival is right around the corner and it's time for you to get familiar with some of the rock acts coming this year. Meet Starset.

Starset have performed for KLAQ in the past, being at both our KLAQ BBQ and Streetfest the year Weezer performed. The band always has amazing performances and bring a unique live experience for fans to enjoy.

Starset is a band from Columbus Ohio and has been around since 2013. The band is a brain child of lead singer Dustin Bates. If you didn't know, Bates is a pretty smart cookie, after he finished his senior year at Ohio University:

Bates participated in International Space University’s Space Studies Program the summer after senior year. Working in Australia with more than 100 space professionals solidified his interest in engineering. He returned to OHIO and began his master’s research on using scanning lasers to enable automatic navigation indoors, eventually developing a statistics-based algorithm that can help a robot determine its possible location without GPS.

Bates got a record deal in 2011 for his previous band Downplay but the band was dropped after a year to make room for other artists. After, Bates started dreaming up the idea for the mythology of the Starset Society as well as the multimedia project he created known as Starset.

The mission of Starset?

To spread the message of the Starset Society as a public outreach initiative. The Society received transmissions from space and recruited Bates to incorporate the message into his band's lyrics. He says that his science background allowed him to better merge the message of the Starset Society into the lyrics of the songs.

The band's first message was transmitted through their album Transmissions in 2014. Their second transmission came out in January of this year called Vessels.

Get ready to check out Starset at this year's El Paso Downtown Street Festival. Tickets are on sale now and you can purchase them at the website.